Last Sunday in Paradeisi it was the turn of the strawberry to be celebrated in style. I say turn because because many locally grown fruits get their day. You could find yourself celebrating the watermelon, oranges and olives.

Visitors to the Strawberry Festival could sample, strawberry ice-cream, strawberry jelly, strawberry jam and strawberry cordial. And if you still had room for more strawberries you could buy them by the case load to take home to make your own strawberry creations! There is also traditional Greek dancing and music as well as lots of market stalls to browse before being tempted by the wonderful aroma of the grilled souvlaki.

These festivals, apart from being fun and full of community spirit represent the significance of agriculture dating back to ancient times. In fact many festivals are important from a religious point of view but taking a closer look a large number of them are based on the importance of agriculture.