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Receiving thousands of tourists every year, enjoying spectacular views and unique surroundings, Lindos offers top-notch dining options. Prepared to pamper all your senses, making for a memorable dining experience, we have personally visited the very best of them and here is our view.

Melenos Lindos

Tucked away from the busy streets of Lindos, the restaurant will win your heart with its unique decor and spectacular views of Lindos Bay and ancient Acropolis. Pebble mosaic flooring and medieval style tents only add to the exotic atmosphere. You will dine in a truly beautiful, maybe a bit quirky setting, surrounded by plants and flowers with the sweet scent of jasmine floating in the air, touching your senses. Menu changes depending on the season paying respect to the traditions of Greek cuisine that benefit from the fresh Greek ingredients.

Chef Gogo Nikolopoulou is an artist of the kitchen, creating true culinary masterpieces. Her signature linguini with chilli peppers, figs, lemon and sesame will take you on a memorable journey of splendid taste and flavours.

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In Greek, the food of the Gods. This classy, charming restaurant pleases the eye with the minimalist Mediterranean decor taking the tradition with the modern twist. George and his family will make you feel warm and welcomed and will guide you through the flavourful evening of exquisite food. Only the best fresh and local ingredients are used, daily chosen, personally by George, the owner. We always come back for the tender sirloin stake in a red wine sauce or the fresh catch of the day accompanied by the best selection of Greek wines. Always pleased by the remarkable experience this little restaurant provides, each visit is truly exceptional. Not to go home with an empty stomach, it is recommended to book the table up front.

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Located right at the Lindos square, Mavrikos has been in business since 1933. You can look forward to traditional Greek dishes with a twist, rich flavours and of course only the fresh and authentic Greek ingredients. Run by Mavrikos’ brothers Dimitris and Michalis, the hospitable, friendly atmosphere of this place is complimented by traditional decor, ceiling overgrown with green leaves and wonderful sea views. Enjoy the fresh soupia (cuttlefish) in sweet wine with marinated mackerel salad, or if you fancy greek meat, the goat and chickpea stew and tender lamb kleftiko, followed by the authentic baklava as a dessert will satisfy your appetite.

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This family restaurant is an authentic Italian restaurant, but not as you now it. Peculiar and unique with colourful mosaic tables, paintings and trees growing all around. Focused on organic, healthy and home-made food, the chef Elia will make sure your senses are fully satisfied. It’s a tiny place with a big Italian heart filled with friendly chatter and laughs throughout the night. Expect home-made pasta and fish served “from the sea to your plate”. It is recommended to book in advance for this extraordinary experience.

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Lindos Blu

With the panoramic views of sparkling sea and under the twinkling stars, dining in this prestigious hotel is a true gastronomic experience. Ever-changing, 4 courses menu comprises of a soup (optional), appetisers, main course – meat, fish or vegetarian, and a dessert. Appetisers and desserts are a buffet style and with the exhaustive selection of hot and cold delicacies, salads, fresh fruit and sweets of all kinds, you will feel truly spoiled. Every single dish shows a true passion of the chefs and the artistic presentation will make you come more than once. Not to mention a wonderful wine selection to match your food and absolutely top, 5 star service. The staff will make you feel special, as you are the only guest in the restaurant.

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The hotel as a whole is a true piece of art. Set in an idyllic setting, the restaurants will satisfy all your senses. The staff will make your experience very special and personal; combine this with the beautiful sea views and you get a picture a perfect evening. The Blue Fin restaurant, set at the beach, offers special nights on regular basis, as the Full Moon Gala Dinner, with the well tailored menu and live music.

Under the moon with the soft sound of the sea waves in the background, the chefs has prepared exquisite food of Mediterranean modern cuisine with great care in selecting the best quality ingredients.

With excellent choice of wines you are up for a truly relaxed and impeccable culinary event.

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