Chalet Elafos at Mt Profitis Ilias in Rhodes island covered in snow.

It was not just only a few flurries but a proper snowfall that lasted for hours long enough to cover in white the whole Rhodian mountainous central area of the island: The villages of Embonas, Salakos, Eleousa and the peaks of Profitis Ilias and Attaviros all the way to the summit of Akramytis on top of Monolithos and Kritinia looked like a snow-covered winter wonderland!

As the snow begun to fall straight and steadily in the early hours of Saturday, by midday the green scenery became alpine! Rhodes’ highest peak of Attaviros at 1,215 m was the first to be covered by snow soon followed by Profitis Ilias at 798 m where the Italians in the 30’s have built two of the finest examples of Sud Tirol architecture: the chalets Elafos and Elafina.

All due to a surprisingly cold front that brought temperatures below zero on an island known for its mild winter climate. The area covered in snowfall famous for its beautiful pine forests, churches on mountain peaks, picturesque valleys main habitat of the indigenous fallow deer was soon flooded by both adults and kids that have enjoyed a weekend to remember for a lifetime!

Photo courtesy: V. Katsogridakis