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Add Greek charm to your house with this simple idea

You don't have to be an expert or even have a garden. Just a few pretty containers will suffice. Plant some of the heavily scented ones close to pathways ...

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Rhodes’ Marathon: Everyone’s a winner

What’s a spaghetti night got to do with a marathon? Well thats just the entrée of this getting together with a common cause and purpose in mind. ...

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An interview with Erik Bruns, historian and founding member of RICHeS, by Julia Tsiaka

Erik Bruns is a passionate historian and a philhellene. I met Erik while I was in search of traces of Dutch presence in Rhodes’ past. For more than ...

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Your quick way to a European Residence permit

A Greek residence permit allows you to remain in Greece for the duration of the permit; the initial period is five years, renewable every 5 years for as ...

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Rhodes’ wonderful people

It was back in 2010, during a regular company meeting whilst discussing a symbolic gesture of charity from Savvaidis & Associates that Lynn Usher came ...

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Aegean flavors in London

More than 50 British tour operators and journalists from the British media, including The Times, The Independent, Telegraph and Condenast Traveller all ...

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