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People think of Rhodes as a summer destination but if you are a new home owner here on the island or considering buying a “summer” home it’s worth knowing that winter in Rhodes is just as much fun as the summer.

Temperatures are lower and it’s a great time to explore. The Lindos Acropolis is a must-see and the good news is, this ancient Rhodian landmark is open during winter.

With an average of 300 days of sunshine, it’s not often that rain stops play! If you love the beach in the summer you will undoubtedly love it in the winter. The beaches without rows of sun beds are unspoilt pieces of heaven with turquoise sea washing up to the shore. It’s easy just to sit for hours, in the sunshine, staring at the surrounding beauty.

It’s the perfect time to visit all the famous sites without the crowds. The island becomes peaceful as everybody rests to prepare for next summer! Enjoy sitting with the locals in tavernas and having everybody over for a BBQ. Why not ask your Greek neighbour to take you olive picking – nearly everybody has a few trees and although it’s hard work it’s also a lot of fun, with a picnic in the middle of a field which doesn’t have a sandwich in sight!

Fishing is a great winter pastime in Rhodes. Choose a quiet bay and wait for the fish to bite. In the evening you can grill your very own catch of the day.

In winter time there are many local bars and tavernas playing live Greek music. Enjoy a glass of retsina and a meze and get lost in the nostalgic tones of zeibekiko. Zeibekiko music and dance is very personal, it’s about expressing individuality, fears and desires, it is a way to unwind. There are lots of dance classes available for adult beginners all over the island.

The island gets surprisingly green and refreshed and budding photographers will get many photo opportunities for artistic self expression. With stunning landscapes and dramatic skies from which to take inspiration, you could be the next El Greco.

Christmas here is not focussed on “shopping” but on people and it is a beautiful holiday with lots of delicious food and family gatherings. Holidays that are truly relaxing are a real luxury and a great way to revive the spirits.

For those that enjoy that “city feeling” take a trip into Rhodes Town. Rhodes is a city that never sleeps, busy with people sitting in packed cafes and restaurants, and the Greek nightlife, whether it be clubbing or bouzoukia, is simply the best.