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Flavours & Aromas of Greece

Although Greeks use similar ingredients to other countries, vegetables, fish and meat, it’s the way they cook them and the methods they use that define them as Greek cuisine. Liberal use of olive oil while cooking or drizzled over salads and toasted bread will make you think of Greece. It’s the first ingredient we think… Read more »

Ocean Victory in Rhodes Port

Ocean Victory in Rhodes

It is my favourite pastime this time of the year: A late afternoon walk along the picturesque seaside promenade of Rhodes town. Temperature is around 20-22 C, the colours of the surrounding landscape and nature pretty intense and the scent of the blossomed city parks filling the air around me. As I come close to… Read more »

Lucas Katapodis and Marie Claire Aqulina wearing the yellow winners jersey at the start of the second stage.

UCI Grand Fondo World Series in Rhodes

The UCI Gran Fondo World Series is a succession of UCI-sanctioned cycling races held all over the world. Every year 15 authorised events take place to affirm the top 25% in each age group in order to qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships. The first European qualifier event for 2016 took place on… Read more »

Ghizani fish

What do Ghizani Fish have to do with Rhodes Real Estate?

If you could choose to live in a concrete jungle or a piece of paradise, preserved as nature intended, which would you prefer? Protected areas means limited industry of factories and pollution, leaving beaches and seas cleaner. This in turn attracts property investment buyers, seeking a place of sanctuary, with clean air and panoramic habitat.

Rhodes for Life 2015 Race vs Cancer

“Rhodes for Life is about the timeless values of our local community”, Savvas Savvaidis

Solidarity, being of service to the community, sustaining the needy are features typical of societies governed by high value systems. Protecting the ultimate asset of health and life, as it is, is a pursuit inherent to the members of such societies. After all, who would not aspire to live and work in a place where citizens are sensitized enough to care for one another?

Jazz with a View at Villa Rees

On Sunday June 21st – Villa Rees will once again host the “Jazz with a View” Midsummer Night Concert and Garden Party. Villa Rees is a stunning Art-Deco villa by the sea and the annual jazz night that is held there is one of the most talked about social events of the summer. Tickets, which… Read more »

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