Land Size :4010 sq.m.

Also available in: Ελληνικα, Русский, Italiano

This prime piece of land has great potential and is located in an exceptionally advantageous position overlooking Kalithea Bay all the way across to Mt. Tsambica and to the distant mountains of Turkey. The views from here can only be described as magnificent.

The property is just a few short minutes from the Kalithea Springs, a monument of unequalled natural beauty and grand architecture, as well as within easy driving distance of Rhodes town.

It is possible to custom build a two storey home of 200sqm on this prominent piece of real estate, which is offered for sale with the planning permission already in place.

Koskinou Village, property for sale in Rhodes, Greece

Koskinou / Information about the property's location

Koskinou is located just 6km from Rhodes town. It lies on top of a hillside and is one of the most important traditional villages on the island with dozens of beautiful homes which have maintained to this day their unique characteristics; The center of the village is a maze of narrow streets whilst from many…