Land Size :37011 sq.m.

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An opportunity to purchase land in organic, natural surroundings with views out across the sea and the setting sun. The area is the natural habitat to the symbol of Rhodes, the fallow deer “Dama-Dama” and to Bonelli’s eagle, one of the largest predator birds of the island. Profitis Ilias Mountain is covered in lush vegetation made primarily by pinewood forests.

A plot of land ideally suited to investment with the possibility to custom build 4 to 6 villas of 200sqm each. Also perfectly suited for a business venture such as a retreat which could include activities such as climbing, horseback riding, walking and running to name a few. It is located at an altitude of 250 meters from sea level and its direct proximity to the pine forest enjoys a rare microclimate with cooler temperature levels than the rest of the island.

Salakos lies at the foot of Mount Prophitis Ilias on the north-western coast and is a lush green area, which beautifully combines mountain and sea.

A great location for a natural way of life.

Salakos village square

Salakos / Information about the property's location

The village of Salakos is situated on the north-west side of the island, at the foot of Mount Profitis Illias. The rare fresh water fish Ghizani and an endangered species of deer make their home here,due to the lush vegetation and spring waters. It is renowned for its fine walnuts, and very traditional village lifestyle.…