Answers to the most common questions about buying or selling a property in Rhodes

Selling your property in Rhodes: All you need to know

Step 1: Status Ensure legal status of your property is compliant with the new laws regarding selling a property. Step 2: Valuation Offer your house at a competitive price following our assessment. We are known for providing up to date, realistic valuations to vendors, not hesitating to turn down listings of overpriced properties. We believe… Read more »


Importing a foreign car into Greece

Can I bring my car to Greece? If you would like a car to use on a long term basis it is highly advisable to buy a car in Greece or import your car legally into Greece, therefore having the number plates transferred onto Greek ones. Temporary importation of cars It is possible for tourists… Read more »


Transferring utilities to the new owner

How/when are public utilities transferred to the new owner? Public utilities and the corresponding bills can be transferred to the new owner’s name immediately after the signing of the contract. Electricity The Public Power Company, DEH, manages the power supply in Greece. The DEH website has information in English on the electricity tariffs, bill paying,… Read more »


Legal requirements to transfer property in Greece

A property transfer in Greece is possible only through a notarial contract. Such a contract is prepared by the notary public following a thorough title check by the buyer’s lawyer. Once the contract is drafted and agreed all parties involved their representatives meet at the notary public’s office to sign the Deed. To be able… Read more »


Can I buy a Property in Rhodes?

I am an E.U Citizen, am I eligible to purchase a property in Greece? Yes. The process is the same for an E.U national as it is for a Greek citizen. I am a NON EU National. Do any restrictions apply to the purchase of real estate? Restrictions apply only for Non-EU citizens who wish… Read more »


How to prepare your home to sell

First impressions do count, so make the most of your home’s appearance. It will make all the difference when it comes to potential clients choosing your home over another which also suits their needs.


A road map to buying a property in Rhodes, Greece

Buying a property is Greece is a straightforward process. A property can be transferred in 4-6 weeks from offer to ownership. Below you will find an overview of the simplest way to buy a house in Greece