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Can I bring my car to Greece?

If you would like a car to use on a long term basis it is highly advisable to buy a car in Greece or import your car legally into Greece, therefore having the number plates transferred onto Greek ones.

Temporary importation of cars
It is possible for tourists with vehicles registered in other EU member states to bring their vehicle into Greece for up to 6 months as long as it is for personal use (tourist use) and not for commercial use. The registration documents of the vehicle must be available at all times in case of a customs control.

To prove the amount of time your foreign car has been in Greece you must provide documentation showing the date the vehicle (i.e your ferry ticket) entered Greece.

It is possible to qualify for a second period of tax free circulation if, 1) the owner and vehicle are out of Greece for a minimum of 185 days or, 2) the owner must remain out of Greece for 185 days and the car compounded for the entire duration.

Failure to conform to the provisions of Greek Law as above may result in the Greek Customs imposing fines for each extra day after the expired period. Such fines can be very steep.

Further advice on extensions, transfer or sale of tourist cars in Greece can be obtained from the Directorate for the Supervision and Control of Cars (DIPEAK)
Telephone No: 210 46 23615, 210 46 26325 and 46 27325

Information on the permanent import of foreign cars can be obtained from;
Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance website