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A walk in the narrow streets of Archangelos will reveal a very active community that like to keep alive their Greek traditions.
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Archangelos is located on the Eastern part of the island of Rhodes, 28 km from the town center, on the main road that connects the town of Rhodes with Lindos. The third largest village on the island (after Rhodes Town & Trianda), it is quite lively, with narrow streets and colorful traditional houses full of Mediterranean architecture – houses, vibrant with colour and small yards adorned with flowers, some of which were built several centuries ago. Of particular interest is the Carnival of Archangelos, a three day long celebration that involves traditional customs and events like the mouzoma, where participants paint their faces in black using ash. These traditions are held by villages across Greece, but none like Archangelos.

There are several interesting attractions around Archangelos, such as the beach resort of Stegna (2km), the marvelous sandy beach of Tsambika (3km), and the peaceful fishermen village of Haraki (7km). A cave, located 3 km away on the peak of the hill Koumelou, is of considerable archaeological and speleological interest. Recent excavations have brought to light vases and other artifacts dating from the Neolithic and Mycenaean periods, thus attesting to the very ancient origins of human habitation in the area.

Geographical Area : East Rhodes
Municipality :Archangelos
Population :6000
Public Transport :Local Bus Service
Area Features :Public transport