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Archipoli's surrounding forest is made up of pine, cypress and plane trees, while rabbits, partridges, even deer abound in the countryside around the little village.
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Archipoli is a small and welcoming village which is 33km from Rhodes town, situated inland at the foot of the Axintes mountain.The main access road to the village is through the renowned and extremely beautiful area of Seven Springs, an area of natural beauty, spring waters and clean air. The ride to Archipoli is impressive passing through the forest with its variety of trees and it is a must to stop at the little church of St. Nectarios. Lutani’s stream which crosses the nearby fertile fields, which are full of therapeutic herbs such as camomile, thyme and sage, completes the natural scenery.

Geographical Area : East Rhodes
Municipality :Afandou
Population :700
Public Transport :Local Bus Service
Area Features :Public transport