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The village of Gennadi is approx 60 km from Rhodes. It is a village that, back in a long forgotten time, was subject to pirate raids and the tall exterior walls of the homes, built to keep the pirates out, are still the main characteristics of the architecture here. There have also been some more modern, although very attractive properties appearing here in more recent times. The police station here is an Italian building of special importance and particular architectural style and walking through the village the visitor will come across the old Olive press.

The village has a nice atmosphere all year round and is a popular choice for people looking to find a place to stay that does not close down in the winter months. The locals are known for their friendliness and hospitality and there is a good choice of places to eat and drink.

Geographical Area : South Rhodes
Municipality :South Rhodes
Population :700
Public Transport :Local Bus Service
Area Features :Public transport