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With traditional Greek architecture, Lachania has charming low white houses with blue doors and windows, tiled roofs and carved stone archways.
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  • Lachania

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Lachania is located in the south of the island, approximately 70km from Rhodes Town.It is an exceptionally beautiful village, a picture postcard setting that basks in undisturbed peace and quiet.In the village square there is a cafe under an impressive plane tree offering shade throughout the day and the square was used for filming a number of scenes for the 1989 movie “High Season of Forty” with Jacqueline Bisset and Irene Papa.

Lachania is the ideal spot from which to visit the unspoiled beaches and countryside of South Rhodes and to enjoy the natural environment whilst taking a walk, maybe up to Mesanagros or Gounaras. The nearby beach of Plimmiri is a beautiful natural bay and an area of ecological importance as it is the reproduction site of the marine turtle Caretta-Caretta.

There are several small churches dotted around the area which are well worth a visit.

Geographical Area : South Rhodes
Municipality :South Rhodes
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