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Lindos is a maze of narrow cobbled streets and whitewashed houses clinging to the slopes of the Acropolis which dominates the landscape and the sea from a height of 116 meters.
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In ancient times, Lindos was one of the three most important cities on the island, a great commercial and maritime power with colonies in both Southern Italy and France.

Today it attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. The magical vista of the village is enhanced by natural bays with crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. The main beach of Lindos is accessible by foot.

Lindos is famous for its historical medieval houses, several of which have survived in perfect condition until today. These are mainly two storey houses; with high walls and ceilings, private courtyards, ornate designs, large living rooms with impressive arches and carved wooden ceilings; all accessed through heavy handcrafted, wooden doors emblemed with the symbolic ‘coat of arms’ of the Knights.

The village is considered traditional and any renovations are carried out under the strict supervision of the Archaeological and Planning Departments ensuring the preservation and enhancement of its particular architectural character. This, together with the limitation of supply, has resulted in resilient property values independent of market conditions.

In the last few years, the surrounding areas of Lindos such as Pefkos, Vlicha and Psaltos have seen significant growth in tourism and residential construction involving mostly the development of beautiful sea view villas with pools. The supply of these properties is limited due to the scarcity of available land close to Lindos. Lindos area is largely protected by the Archaeological Department and therefor not vast areas are not buildable.

Nearby villages such as Lardos, Kalathos and Pylona have also benefited from Lindos real estate popularity resulting in a distinctly high volume of transactions for relocation properties.

Geographical Area : Lindos Town
Municipality :Lindos
Population :1100
Public Transport :Local Bus Service
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