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Pefkos has always been the summer escape for the inhabitants of Lindos due to its fresh breeze and green fields.
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Pefkos, located just 4 km south to Lindos) is today well known for its leisurely pace, tranquility and friendly atmosphere. Every summer, people from around the world are continuously drawn by the beauty of the area. It is ideal for those amongst us looking for a relaxing pace of life with a traditional taste of Greece, a great beach and within close proximity to all modern day facilities.

The amazing scenery and pristine beaches are the main attractions. Amidst its unique views – especially of the sunset to the west.

Recently Pefkos has become a more popular residential area with some very attractive new properties springing up. Many of these homes have been purchased by foreign buyers who love the peace and quiet of the area and its proximity to Lindos and decided that this is the perfect spot for a summer home.

Geographical Area : Lindos Area
Municipality :Lindos
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