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Psinthos is a relaxed, small village very popular to locals for its excellent tavernas.
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  • Psinthos

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It is located 25km from Rhodes town and is popular with locals looking to go for a pretty drive along the green countryside roads that bring you to the village and a good meal. Psinthos is pretty much untouched by tourism and remains very Greek. It is a historical area where buried underneath the ground archaeologists have discovered ancient temples, tombs and memorials. In times gone by it was a strategic point and a place of major conflicts. There are two Byzantine monasteries here which are well worth a visit as well as the Valley of the Butterflies just a few kms to the west.

Within the village, Fasouli natural water springs surrounded by shady woods are Psinthos’ main tourist attraction. A small dam halts the flow of the water and has formed a small lake which is home to the protected Gizani fish. It is the perfect place to escape the crowds and to be in touch with nature.

Geographical Area : East Rhodes
Municipality :Kalithea
Population :1200
Public Transport :Local Bus Service
Area Features :Public transport