Area Guides: Pylona

The name Pylona means “gate” as in the olden days it was a gateway to the south of the island.
  • Pylona
  • Pylona

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Actually Pylona is the perfect place from which to have easy access to the surrounding villages of Lindos, Lardos and Kalathos.The village is very tranquil and is surrounded by olive groves and mountains. It remains unspoilt and, due to the beauty of the surrounding countryside, is the perfect spot for hikers seeking a natural environment to explore.

The church of Our Lady is an interesting church to visit and every 25th March there are festivities centered around the church, which include cultural songs, dancing and other events. Back in the early 1990’s two Mycenaean chamber tombs were accidentally discovered here. Excavations revealed a cemetery of six tombs and other finds such as pottery, bronze, jewellery and gold coins.

Geographical Area : Lindos Area
Municipality :Lindos
Population :500
Public Transport :Local Bus Service
Area Features :Public transport