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The Medieval town of Rhodes is one of the most impressive and well preserved medieval towns in Europe declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988.
  • Medieval Town
  • Medieval Town
  • Medieval Town
  • Medieval Town

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It took its current form from the Knights of the Crusades in the 14th and 15th centuries AD, who built the imposing walls, moat and complex fortifications, which can be admired today by its many visitors.

The Hellenic Ministry of Culture alongside the Archaeological Department have methodically and persistently transformed the entire medieval city. The unprecedented, large scale restoration project comprised the infrastructure of the water, sewage and electricity networks, the maintenance and restoration of the city walls, fortifications and the ancient monuments dating back to the Ancient Greek, Medieval and Islamic periods of the town. The result is impressive when one bears in mind that the Medieval City is inhabited by 2,500 residents.

Although the commercial part of the town attracts approximately 2,000,000 tourists during the summer, the majority of the town’s maze of cobbled streets remain a quiet residential neighborhood.

Both the residential and commercial areas, such as the famous Street of the Knights, have experienced substantial growth.

Many privately owned properties have been restored, adhering to the strict regulations and guidelines laid down by the Archaeological Authorities, resulting in a significant upgrade of the city’s real estate stock and bringing increased value to its property market.

Geographical Area : Medieval Town
Municipality :Rhodes
Population :2,500
Public Transport :Local Bus Service
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