Area Guides: St Nicolas (Navarone)

St Nicolas landscape is complemented by the imposing cliffs of Kina featured in the Hollywood movie "The Guns of Navarone" .
  • St Nicolas (Navarone)
  • St Nicolas (Navarone)
  • St Nicolas (Navarone)

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The area of St Nicolas is just 1km south of Lindos on the way to Pefkos. There is a striking contrast between the arid landscape and the turquoise water’s of St Nicholas Bay. The monastery of St Nicholas dates back to the 16th century and can be easily recognised by its white walls amidst the dry and rustic landscape.

The area has become very popular during the last ten years because of the development of two prominent, luxury hotels and holiday homes – sea view villas with pools. The direct proximity to Lindos and Pefkos together with the authentic scenery of the area and the panoramic views of the sea consistently attract fresh visitors every year.

You may view a video of the area here

Geographical Area : Lindos Area
Municipality :Lindos
Population :1100
Public Transport :Local Bus Service
Area Features :Public transport