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Symi is widely considered to have the most beautiful natural harbour in Greece embraced by hundreds of colorful houses in a fairy tale setting.
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On either side of a steep fjord tier upon tier of Neo-Classical houses, some white, some yellow help create the stunning sight and are a reminder that 100 years ago Symi was one of Greece’s most prosperous islands.

There has been virtually no modern concrete construction on the island and in recent times many of the old homes have been renovated to accommodate visitors and many of them have been bought and renovated by one time holidaymakers that decided to stay. There is still a great sense of the Greece that many long to find and the spirit of the island remains very much intact.

Symi is separated into two areas; Yialos is the main harbour area where there are many cafes and tavernas to choose from. It is an absolute delight to sit here and look out to sea, if a sense of well being is what you are looking for you will definitely find it here. Chorio, which means village in Greek, is, as you might expect the village.

There are many monasteries and churches to visit, some of them more accessible than others! There are also regular water taxis leaving the harbour in the morning which make getting to the beaches around the island a possibility; some of them however can be reached on foot.

Symi is simply beautiful and many authors have been inspired by the sense and beauty of the place, so much so that there are a host of books available either written about or inspired by the island. It is also an artist’s delight and many artists, budding or otherwise visit to take part in the many art courses that are on offer here.

Geographical Area : Symi Island
Municipality :Symi
Population :Approx 3000
Public Transport :Local Bus Service
Area Features :Public transport