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More than 50 British tour operators and journalists from the British media, including The Times, The Independent, Telegraph and Condenast Traveller all gathered in the City of London to take part in a gastronomic journey around 48 of the Greek islands, enjoying local products, traditional Greek flavours and Greek wines.
This was a highly successful and original marketing tool, promoting not just tourism in the South Aegean Region, but in particular the culinary delights and gastronomy of the Greek islands.

Rebecca Seal, Evening Standard columnist and presenter of the Channel 4 programme ” Sunday Brunch” spoke with great enthusiasm about her recent visit to the South Aegean and is excited for her new book to be published, which is dedicated to “one of the tastiest cuisines in the world”.

Participants were able to follow cooking demonstrations from two highly acclaimed Greek chefs. Mr Anthony Manny, from Rhodes prepared local dishes from around the Dodecanese much to the delight of the crowd who were impressed by the regions long culinary tradition and excited to convey their experience to their readers and clients.

Source: Rodiaki