Ocean Victory in Rhodes Port

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It is my favourite pastime this time of the year: A late afternoon walk along the picturesque seaside promenade of Rhodes town. Temperature is around 20-22 C, the colours of the surrounding landscape and nature pretty intense and the scent of the blossomed city parks filling the air around me. As I come close to the harbour I am always impressed by the views of the imposing medieval walls from one side of the road and the modern yachts and cruise ships to the other. It was last Monday when the profile of the most beautiful boat I have ever seen in my life caught my eye: The name “Ocean Victory” appeared on its side in impressive 3d fonts.

It did not take a lot of time for my friend “Google” to start unveiling a few interesting facts about this floating palace:

“Ocean Victory” is indeed one of the largest mega-yachts in the world reaching 140 metres in length. It is actually the tenth in rank. The boat was built two years ago at the Fincantieri shipyards by the renewed boat designers Espen Øeino and Alberto Pinto.

According to Yacht Charter Fleet it can accommodate for an overnight stay up to 26 guests in 13 cabins and a crew of up to 50. It is equipped with state of the art zero speed stabilisers to provide the best possible comfort when anchored.

The boat’s propulsion system is made of two 3,400hp diesel engines and its cruise speed reaches 18 kts per hour. Among other amenities it features 8 pools, a movie theatre, a helicopter, seven decks and an indoor mooring for its 14 metres tender.

Ocean Victory belongs to the self made Russian tycoon Victor Rashnikov ranked by Forbes as the 43th richest person in Russia with a personal wealth valued at 5 billion USD. Victor Raschinkov is the owner of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) one of the largest steel producers in the world.

During the last ten years more and more mega-yachts are choosing Rhodes as their hub in the South East Mediterranean. Besides its modern infrastructure and its safety Rhodes Port is an ideal starting point for cruising routes in this part of the Aegean and the Turkish coast. The port is also conveniently located at a 20 minutes drive to Rhodes International Airport which makes it ideal for the preferred travelling way of the mega-yacht owners and their VIP guests: Private Jets.

It is not by chance that boats like Roman Abramovic’s 160 metres Eclipse or Hamad Al Thani’s Al Mirqab member of the Qatari royal family are frequently seen in Rhodes as well as another 200 yachts per year.

Photo Credit Philippos Pilippou.