One of the great things about living on Rhodes are the many community events that take place. I think that the “Festival of Ice Cream​” is a firm favourite of many and this year it takes place on Saturday 23rd July in the village of Archangelos at 8.30pm.

Visitors will learn how ice cream production began in Greece, which methods were used and how the process has evolved over time, up to the present day.

Ice cream is summer’s favourite sweet treat and its​ ​history​ begins​ with the first written ​mention of it coming from China, moving on to the Roman Empire​, Constantinople, arriving in Versailles and ultimately expanding throughout the whole of Europe, America and the rest of the world.

​In Greece, ice cream production began back in 1934​ and the “ice cream man” would wheel his cart through the streets, keeping the ice cream chilled with bowls of ice which they would need to throw salt on to keep the temperature below zero. They would need to keep stirring the ice cream to prevent it from crystallising!

In Rhodes, the first production of ice cream started in Archangelos by the Koliou family and they are still in business today.

​It should be said that along with all the interesting ice cream facts that visitors will enjoy they will also have the opportunity to sample free ice cream. What’s not to like?

Source: Rodiaki